Monday, 29 July 2019

How to search a journal from UGC -Care List

How to search a journal from UGC -Care List 

Hello Researchers
It is well known fact that UGC in order to curb predatory journals and in order to enhance the quality of the research paper publication process in India has introduced a new set of journals called UGC-Care List of Journals.
Here is a detailed Step wise instruction on how to access this UGC- care list and how to find out if a journal actually belongs to the CARE List.
Step 1: Go to the url

The url will lead you to a window as shown in the following figure

Step 2: Click the Login Button  in the right most corner

Step 3: Click the Registration Button in the left side (2nd item in the Drop down menu). It  will lead you to a screen as shown below . You can fill in the details like Your Title, Name, Gender, Mobile Number, Address and Email ID and set a password for the same.

Step 4: Once you register yourself in the UGC website, you will be asked to Login again.

Step 5: Once you login you can see the following list of Journals as shown in the below figure

Step 6: The first category is UGC- Care List Group A- This includes Web of Science Journals and Scopus Journals. Those are the journals available in the following links respectively

A journal is said to belong to Group A if it is available in four of the below links given

Wos (Arts and Humanities Citation Index List)

Wos (Science Citation Index Expanded)

Wos (Social Science Citation Index)

Scopus source list

Next is the group B, C and D
For accessing Group B C and D list,  you need to click the search button given below

Step 7: The search window opens up like this and you can use a keyword and find out the journal of your choice

Step 8: Once the search process is done,  you have to logout of the window by clicking the Logout button in the top right

Many journals in India claim to be approved by UGC in their website. Before you submit your research work /manuscript that you have created with great pain and hardwork, ensure that the journal is a part of the UGC Care List .Make sure that your manuscript is published at the right publication platform so that it adds greater credit to your career as a researcher.