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Data management is defined as the process in which the data or information undergoes validation, storing, processing and protected in order to satisfy the requirements of the end users. Data is the heart of the information and it acts as a primary source of model through which the entire world is operating. It is also termed as the process of executing the procedures and policies that are needed for the effective management of the information or data.

Emerging Technologies for Effective Data Management

There are many technologies that are used for the effective management of data out of which some important technologies are discussed here. The first technology is the Usage of programs that are scripted for the analysis of data or information. In this method the data is thoroughly processed and analyzed to provide a metadata .In this technique the data can be revised at any point of time since a record will be created from the time of data collected till the publish [Gordon.K, 2007]. The second technology is the storage of data in the form of non proprietary software and hardware. In this technique the data stored will remain for many decades even when the software is lost. But if the data is stored in proprietary software or hardware the data will disappear if the software is lost and it is difficult to open the files [Mehdi.K, 1998]. The third method used for the effective data management is the usage of descriptive names for the files that contain data [Mathew.B, 2001]. This technique is the quickest way to represent the data in the file. This method consists of two approaches to be followed for effective management of data namely the first one is that the file name should not be long and the second one is that there should be space between the file names.


Thus from the above technologies mentioned it is revealed that the data can be effectively managed and it can be made free from errors and it also can be structured still more effectively for the analysis process. More importantly it is more interpretable for future research and for the management of the data. Hence these technologies are very useful to revise the data even in future and it can also be used for research purposes for many decades.


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